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Originally Posted by Mr_325 View Post
your definitely right
the leak has spread to the front middle of the engine now

the shop is an Indie with ex dealer ship tech's and are widely respected on my local Bimmer site so they should be ok
i've supplied them with Vanos seals so hopefully they don't **** anything up in that regard because it takes almost a month to get them here
the tech's state they've done 1000's of VCG's but mentioned they rarely have to replace VANOS seals but it is Canada and we don't have many fanatics that would know to replace them

well, best of lukc.

Yup it was Victor Reinz, i went to an Indie shop that states they use OEM parts only and grabbed them for $230 as i figured a VCG is a VCG
other Indie shop(s) are a 2hr drive
i will however from now on just make the 2hr drive when needed or order online for repairs
we have Lordco and Fortins (not sure if they are canadian only businesses) but they mainly carrier domestic parts at a great price so my options are very limited
well best of luck. I would provide them with the besian instructions for reference since they wont know how to do it. I am not worried about it for you, but this is pretty specific. Have you thought about doing it yourself? The instructions are so well written, it would be hard to screw up if you have even basic DIY skills. That said, I've failed on the three VCG's ive done with leaks that show up down the line, but I suspect it because I've foolishly used Victor Reinz gaskets the whole time.
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