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One thing you could offer at your shop that I've seen some of the other shops offer is to let people buy their own parts. In the age of the internet, no one wants to pay shop mark-up on parts. We (customers) know what parts cost. It just blows to know you're getting marked up sometimes hundreds of dollars on parts before they're even put on the car.

Sure there are concerns with people buying cheap crap that doesn't fit, so put restrictions on it. You'll only work with parts from trusted vendors like Bap Geon, Bav Auto, or whomever else.

Paradise Garage does this in town and it has attracted a lot of business for them. When I had a timing belt/water pump done on my Miata last summer (for $250 cheaper than what you quoted me) they offered to let me buy the parts and bring in my own parts. I told them go ahead and do it yourself, and they didn't even mark the parts up at all. They were the same price as Bap Geon.

On the flip side, I don't know if I want a low cost provider like paradise wrenching on my E46. I gave no f*cks about that Miata, because, well it was a Miata. I'm looking for something in the middle. Not a stealership, but not bottom of the barrel.

I'm all about helping out the local scene and supporting people that help maintain the cars that bring us all together. It just seems like Delta V needs to find a better differentiation strategy to help set it apart in the competitive Metro-Richmond area.


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