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Originally Posted by STiGLiTZ View Post
Read much bro...never said composite was plastic, meanwhile in reality if you put on your spectacles and refer to the picture i posted the impellar is plastic....der, just like many e46s which have never had this done or have had the dealer do it....der
So as far as being worth it i guess its more of a personal preference if a stock oem water pump can handle 80-130k the stewart can most likely double that and then some.....Just saying if you are that cheap where that critical of a component is where you are going to skimp and cut corners maybe you shouldnt drive a bmw or anything german for that matter
a) you called the water pump plastic -- it's not. Very early ones may have been, but the majority are composite

b) changing over to the Stewart's pump won't magically make the rest of the cooling system more durable - you'll still have to service it at the same intervals. So you may as well stick with OE water pumps and replace them every 75k(ish) miles along with everything else

c) I never cheap out on my car -- but I also dont throw money away. I'm not going to pay 3x extra for a part that gives me very little benefit over the stock part.
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