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Originally Posted by aretardedorange View Post
This game is beyond annoying. I can't even access the game because it freezes at the loading screen and I have to turn my PS3 off manually. I can't connect at all, I paid $60 for this pos what the hell is this garbage? For 5 days now I have not been able to play on PSN because of the server error. They have no fix and keep lying saying a patch will be released in 24 hours, the last guy blamed my router ****ing "Paul" from India.

I don't play my PS3 at all only play when COD games come out with my friends. Everyone has already been enjoying this game for over a week, I missed out on double XP+nuketown. I will be returning my copy tomorrow for a full refund. What a joke. Gayarch please kill yourself, worst company ever haven't seen such a buggy release before.
You're the only one I see complaining about that. Before it would take a while to get into a game, but there wasn't any lag. Now it gets into a game just fine, but there is a little lag. It happened to me twice where I had to manually turn off my ps3, but that was before the 1.03(?) update. Which PS3 do you have? Slim or Fat? Model number? Might just be your specific playstation.
- Alex
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