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Few days old thread but I get what you're saying man. When I was 16 I was big into baseball with intentions to play college ball. I was lifting twice daily and all that nonsense. When I was about 17 I sneezed and noticed what felt like a cramp in my lower waist area (aka my balls). Needless to say I was a little concerned. I ignored it for a few months then decided to go see a dr I'd always gone to. Told me I had one on my lower right abdominal area. Had surgery the next week (trying to make it back to play my senior year). Went into surgery crying like a b*tch, surgery is literally my biggest phobia in life more than a gun pointed at my face. Needless to say everything went fine other than I had a hernia on my lower left abdominal area as well. They simple threw some little cotton ball sized mesh pieces in there and sewed it up. Recover was hell but after it was great and I'm lifting more often than I ever was.

What I think caused mine however was doing squats. I was doing a three day lifting routine, meaning third day was legs. At the time I was doing bench squats with a spotter and going beyond failure and the spotter assisting me on my last two reps. Before surgery I was squatting over 400 repeatedly.

I've literally never met, never heard, or even read anything about a guy as young as I was getting a hernia.

You go big or you go home man. Applies in the gym or fitness just like anything else. If you don't give it your all your chances of injuring yourself are a lot higher. If the risk isn't worth the reward to you tho then there's no point
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