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Originally Posted by cowmoo32 View Post
I would see if you can figure out how the guys already in the business are getting paid. Do the artists pay for the service? Do the organizers use the photos as marketing? How does all of that work?
Yes, the artist's management pays for the photos for promotional use. Sometimes you could get signed to cover a festival for 3 days, which pays upwards of 2,000 a day. There are a ton of different ways to get paid and make money in this industry. The ticket prices for the last Avicii show I shot were running for $150 for GA since it was a sold out show. It was at the historic Bill Graham Civic Center in SF, which holds around 12,000 people or something crazy like that. There's so much money in this industry. I really thought about shooting rock and roll, but the days of tour photographers are over. Most people now make their money shooting for publications, which is not what I want to do. Sh*tty pay. But to answer your last question... Photographers like Jordan sign contracts with artists management, like they'll shoot the X tour and will be paid X amount of money. Airfare, accommodation, etc. included or not included.

@Evan: Thanks man, that means a lot to me. I'm really trying my best to make something of this! And yeah, asking to be a 2nd shooter would never happen. These guys fly all over the world on private jets with the artists and managers and stuff haha. I wouldn't be worth the money to them

Start small and work your way up. Most musicians like when you have some rapport with them. Gain their trust. If you read about other photographers who shot the big name artist. These musicians trusted the photographer.
Yeah, I already started doing this! I admit, I lied and told Blink 182's PR that I was doing an article with my local newspaper and was credentialed haha. What a great first show that was lol. As bad as it sounds, it definitely boosted me up into the rankings cause I got a few great photos from a legendary band. I contacted Avicii's management a while ago and he really liked my work and booked me (for free, no pay!) for both of his shows a few months ago in San Francisco. Filip, who's his manager, loves my work and always hooks me up which is really great. Unfortunately, Rukes is Avicii's photographer and I doubt he'll dip anytime soon... I think I just need to shoot a few more big shows and I'll be set... I just need like 5 AMAZING photos that will blow away managers, hopefully I could make that happen :p

I really appreciate all the feedback guys, please don't stop.

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