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Originally Posted by Twin_Turbo_S54 View Post

They are custom made, you tell the tire size and they build the blanket.

They are good and not good.

What I mean: warm the tires to the desired temp.

Make one full 60-130 run.

After 130 mph coast down, and here is the problem, the tires get colder as the wind @ 130 mph cools tires.

It is like against the wind, the wind cools the tires.

I was not able to make the best out of the blankets. I dont use them. They are almost new.

A separate thread regarding traction should be started and put as "sticky".

Regarding traction, there are many variables. So many.
By altering one variable, the overall traction may suffer or improve.

Each M3 is different in terms of power graph, where the power comes on and this has a big effect on the times.

I ve been testing different combinations and was able to cut a 4,23 s, september 2011.

After that I was able to improve traction further, although could not complete a full 60-130 run.
due to my newborn and it was snowing, winter.

In 3rd gear I was able to dead hook, saw 1 g, right before it started snowing.
That was january 5th, 2012. We saw 1 g in 3rd gear, road was very cold and we aborted tests due to snow. It started snowing while I was on the the highway.

On a warmer road surface traction will get better, time will tell

I pray to improve traction to cut a sub 3,5 s 60-130 time.
If I can come up with a sub 3,5 s 60-130 run Ill tell the tricks

Want to engrave the M3 name on the top of the 60-130 list.
You're out to prove a point I see. Good luck with the sub 3.5 time. Hopefully it comes soon so you can share your secrets!
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