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Paddle shifters are quicker shifting than manual, which is nice.
No chance of over rev if you click down too many times, which is nice.
Don't have to operate a clutch pedal in stop and go traffic, which is nice.
Clutch lasts longer than a manual (most of the time), which is nice.
Launch control, which is nice.
Hill assist, which is nice.
Very rewarding once you get used to driving the SMG, which is nice.
The look on people's face(s) when they see paddle shifters, which is nice.
Able to brace yourself more consistently at track days, which is nice.
Able to adjust the ferocity of the clutch actuation, which is nice.
You don't wear out your left shoe sole from operating clutch, which is nice.

What movie is the quote, "which is nice" from?
"! First rule of Italian driving, that which is in your mirror is not important !"

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