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Originally Posted by ryryde View Post
Hello all im having some problems with my A/F ratio. when i started my car my A/F would get dialed in at 14.5 ish then id start driving and it go up to 22 then drop down to 7.4 and stay there. Now it is at 7.4 all the time no matter what. Also it will get up to 6 lbs off boost and then drop down to nothing and im guessing thats just because the car is in limp mode. Im guessing its the O2 sensors. Was wondering what you guys think. Oh and i have an AA stage 2 gen 7 so i just had my tune upgraded when i went to the new manifold so i wasnt thinking it was that.
How do you test your A/F ratio? My car is also acting sluggish?
No codes and I also replaced VANOS seals about a month ago?!


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