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Originally Posted by NOVAbimmer View Post
you were right in your first two sentences, then completely contradicted yourself.

Airbag sensors are generally around a decellerometer/inertial design. They measure how quickly the car changes acceleration in the specified direction.
Whatever. If the change in speed or direction is below a threshold, the bags will not deploy.

If the car is going X and suddenly is going zero, OR is going zero and suddenly is going X, then whether or not the airgbags deploy depends on how much difference there is in X and zero. If the impact is small, then X and zero are close together, if the impact is large then X is considerably different than zero. Airbags protect you from a large impact, if trhe impact is not large then the airbags are not needed and they can easily do more damage than they protect against.

I can't recall ever hearing of an airbag going off in a car that was not moving when it was wrecked. I'm not saying it does not happen, I just don't recall a specific instance where this is true. I see no reason it would not be true, but I am not an engineer on the team that figured out how to make an airbag work. What I do know is that there has to be a certain impact or greater, else the airbags do not deploy. That is what I said earlier, and tried to describe the conditions.
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