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So I used the MIS tool to center that bushing pictured on my former reply/comment. Re-bolting the shock was a pain. Raising the control arm back up using a jack and directing the assembly back onto the car was also a pain. Tried my best to get close to get it even close to the outline I did earlier, got it to be close enough for my liking. Plugged the two cables back in (tire pressure, and brake line I believe) and used my black cable ties lol. Put tire back on, lowered car. Right side complete. (Or at least I thought).

Raised left side, took tire off and repeated the same thing I did on the passenger side. Only difference is there was only one line on that control arm and instead of removing that little shield and unplugging it from there it's easier to use a torx head and remove it where it's located at on the brake assembly. After many scratches, a lot of man-handling, couple hours and frustration moments later everything was back together with the new bushing in and the baby back on the ground. At this point I'm feeling like the man .

Annnnd this is where the bad news comes in. I wash up before taking the car for a test drive, cause your hands, legs, clothes, etc. are going to be dirty as hell. So feeling fresh I get in the car, start it, start driving, look in my dashboard, ABS light is yellow and brake light is red. At this point I cursed out so many things in my head. Turn car off and and on a couple times to see if the lights would magically go off, but no luck.

Eventually, I pull back into my driveway to see if a cable wasn't all the way in on the passenger side, cause I unplugged them from inside that little black box. So I raise the car, remove the wheel and it did seem that the lighter cable, gray one, wasn't all the way in. So I re-did that and while on stands tried to see if the lights were still on. Get in the car, put the key on the "on" position, Brake light still red and ABS light still yellow. I start the car, same thing. I turn off the car and walk back over to those sensors, I do some blowing and dusting then re-plug them and go back in the car, both lights still on. At this point I figure I really must have impaired one if not both lines in some way or another. Again, I go over there make sure the cable ties aren't too tight (even replaced them) and did some more dusting and blowing and re-pluuged them in then checked the lights again. They were still on so I just put the tire back on and lowered the car. I then go to drive the car wanting to see if my brakes wouldn't work as they did before, and within a few seconds after pulling out of my driveway the ABS light goes off and a bit after that the brake light goes off. Almost cried tears of joy, was already contemplating repair cost.

Had my alignment done this morning, only drove to school haven't gotten a chance to really test it. But I definitely don't feel the loose back end that I did before while changing lanes. Can't wait to see how the baby handles in the rain now. Also, my alignment was completely out of whack from the print-out. So definitely get an alignment if you ever do this. Make sure you have a helping hand makes things like 20x easier, someone to push down the arm especially.
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