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Originally Posted by E85head View Post
In a hpf or fsr manifold, the air basicly comes in from the front left hand "corner" of the plenum. On that type of design the air doesnt' have to change direction as much on its way into thecylinders. However. On your design the air enters the plenum in a direction not headed towards the cylinders at the front of the car, but still you seem to be the one making the most power.

I don't know if this was a good explanation as i don't have a wide vocabulary.

Well, I see what you ask.

To be sure about the flow of this intake manifold, we installed lambda sensors into the exhaust manifold runners and tested individually.
Pectel allows the use of 4 pieces of 02 sensors.

I am about to put 6 x 02 sensors and 6 x EGT probes at the same time.

We also read plugs after big power runs, on boost only runs.

We also tend to read plugs after spraying nitrous.

The wide band sensor tests and spark plug readings showed that the air flow was OK.

Pectel allows to fine-tune individual cylinders. Assuming that you have a less flowing cylinder you decrease its fuel.

I do use individual cylinder trimming for safety only. Not all cylinders are created equal
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