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Originally Posted by dauble2k5 View Post
Hmm.. these are all really interesting ideas. I've broiled and have tried searing them a couple of times, all to no such luck. Do you guys ever throw a steak on a George Foreman frozen? Somewhere I heard that throwing a frozen steak directly onto a hot grill, or into the oven to broil is better than letting it thaw out. Is this true? I've tried both ways and haven't really noticed much difference. Usually, I'll buy it at the grocery store, then cook it within a day or two.
No offense, but hell no.

Steak should be room temp when you cook it. If it is frozen in the middle, the outside will be charred to coal by the time the middle just thaws out.

Youtube will be your friend, watch some videos. A hot pan, a thawed out (preferably room temp) steak, and salt, is all that you need to make a good steak.
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