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Originally Posted by Oz 330 View Post
My left foot is very light.

Yep Diesel, isnt yours (coulda sworn you where talking about smoke when you put your foot down)?
I was definitely talking about smoke, just of the petrol kind. Used to love giving the civic full throttle everywhere because no one would know i was doing so. Now i need to keep it to max 3/4s for excessive smoke not to pour out. I guess its one of the 'perks' of sticking a turbo onto a motor

Originally Posted by BMW E465 View Post
Ah! Didn't even realise you wrote 'analogue'... I must've been daydreaming when posting that comment.

How much was the heads up display option?
yeah I bet you were! it was 1k i think but it was more the fact that you have to special order that was the killer
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