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I have used a lot of pads and switch back and forth between street/autox and track pads quite a bit.

Carbotech are great pads, but you HAVE to change rotors when you go from track pads back to street pads. I had XP10 for the track and 1521 Bob Cats for the street. When I left the track and switched back to the Bob Cats I had no brakes. I sanded the rotors and the brakes still sucked. I was blowing all my brake zones in autox races until I media blasted the rotors and re-bedded the bob cats. The AX6 may have been a better choice for autox and may have worked better with the XP10's, but the AX6 are noisy on the street.

I had good luck with HAWK DTC-60 on the track and DTC-30 on the street and autox, but the 30's are noisy, dusty, and a bit hard on the rotors.

You can use Ferodo DS2500 for the street and DS3000 on the track, but they are expensive and the track pads do not last.

Currently I am using Performance Friction Z-Rated on the street/autox and 06's on the track. The Z-Rated have been great, low dust, little to no noise, good bite. I have only been to the track once with the PFC 06 pads and they were great, never faded, good bite, not real linear, but still consistent. I was not pushing too hard as it was an open track day not a race. When I switched back to the Z-Rated pads I did have to get them hot and bed them again to get them working like before. The season ended so I have not been in another autox since my track day so I can not say the Z-Rated are 100% back. They do feel fine on the street.

I have experience with a lot of Wilwood pads, but probably no need to go into those.

Hope this helps.

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