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@ Kazikai. I have changed my window regulators many time over the years, and I can tell you what I have done that works for me. First, when you say you ordered the part--I am assuming you mean the window regulator. I do not disconnect the airbag--but am very careful about working around it. I disconnect the battery, remove the inside panels, unscrew the airbag unit and with a rope hang it carefully (via a sling) from the mirror to keep it out of the way. I read somewhere that the airbag unit has power in it for about 10 minutes after the battery is disconnected--so allow for that. I am very careful not to knock and hit the airbag unit in any way. After replacing the window regulator, I re-attach the airbag unit but do not put the inside molding in place. First connect the battery and do a test run to make sure everything in the door was done properly and works. I then connect carefully put back the rain guard plastic. The plastic MUST be put back perfectly--OR YOU WILL have a pool of water on your floor when it rains. I always am very careful when removing the rain guard plastic, and reseal it using the original and sometime new sealer. After a few regulators --what I do now is use a hair dryer to heat up the original glue to have it reattach--works great. But I normally spend 20 minutes or so in heating up the plastic and glue behind it to make sure it binds properly. If you do disconnect the Airbag wires (I do not do that), I understand that you will get error code when done, and do not recall the procedure for clearing that or if the dealer needs to clear it. Someone else can comment on that. My recommendation is not to disconnect the Airbag unit--just hang it to the side--BUT do disconnect the battery.
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