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Had a falling out...

In march or so this year I had a tough falling out with a really close girl friend of mine. We were very very close and it's hard on me even still.
She has completely thrown me out of her life. We haven't spoken a word to each other since. I've tried contacting her a few times since the day, but it seems she has no interest. Knowing her I know she's going against her will to do this because I know what we had meant a lot to her but I believe she's doing it for her best interest and that's why she stays persistent.

Ill never be able to accept what has happened but I'm done trying, and have been for some time. I want to be able to put it in the past. That's where I need advice.
Every single day since we've stopped taking I have thought about her. Every single freaking day she's been on my mind. I have a girlfriend. I stay busy. I work. But regardless she's still in my mind. No matter how damn hard I try I cannot just leave her behind. As much as I'd prefer to have her back even if only as a friend, that's not going to happen at this point.
I'm not in denial at this point. I just want to stop thinking about her. Sometimes I even dream about her.
This just makes things so much harder and I don't know how to make it stop.
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