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Gave my car a good wash. It got **** on twice by birds before I could finish...

Also I investigated my coolant. Turns out that the place I took it to for an alignment decided to top off my coolant (I was a bit low). They mixed in some green stuff with my BMW blue coolant. I didn't mind that. No big deal. I am pissed they didn't tell me, but oh well. What pisses me off is that they WAY overfilled it. The coolant level indicator was pinned to maximum by almost an inch of fluid above the float. I am almost 100% sure this caused my recent leak (that or they just spilled some when they filled it). It ran my ET at much higher pressure than normal. They could have caused my ET to blow up with this BS. I can't even trust a BMW shop to properly top off a fluid as a courtesy! Holy ****. Hell, I bet their plan was to blow my ET up so I have to come back later.
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