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Thanks for the feedback... keep it coming!

iPad and DVD player already set for the kids... Aux input for me and iPod being loaded up and hopefully an update on my little GPS as well...

Dec, yeah there are aftermarket antennas available that are more discrete than a 10ft white whip antenna sticking up from the boot! It comes down to price though and I'm not sure about the range you could expect from it. Check out the Repco catalogue (came in the mail last night) as there are a few Oricom units on sale there. I'm sure there will be more as Xmas comes closer... There's a pretty neat split head system for ~$200.

So, if I want to use the CB / walkies to monitor for traffic hazards etc, what channels would I be looking at using? Anything to watch out for?

I can help with
* Reading Codes / Coding your car
* R&R FCAs, Tie Rods, Sway links....

Need an RTAB tool? Or clutch fan and water pump tools? PM me.
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