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Originally Posted by mpc325 View Post
Hey guys,

For what its worth, I recently installed a brand new MediaBridge in my car and everything works with my iPhone 5. I ran the included USB extension cable from the mediabridge unit behind the glove box into the glove box, and then plugged in the apple USB to Lightning cable into the extension. Music works both over USB and Bluetooth, but sounds much better when plugged in. Audio over the bluetooth has a much more thin and "tinny" quality. Also, When I first started using it I was horrified by a constant hissing sound that would occur briefly about once every second, but disabling the text scrolling completely resolved it (select the mediabridge with the radio "mode" button, then immediately press CD4, left, left).

If anyone has more questions about the install or how it works with the iPhone 5, I'm happy to try to answer them.

Edit: I found the solution for the hissing sound in this thread:
I just did the exact same thing as you about a month ago. I installed my brand new bluetooth media bridge in the same spot as you and it works swimmingly with my iPhone 5 over bluetooth and the lightning connector. Coupled with the steering wheel controls, the entire set up is just incredible.

By the way, I experienced the same ticking noise as you, thank you for the link.

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