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This isn't a practice I feel comfortable supporting. I'm not saying it doesn't work. I just don't want to involve myself with it. The parts I get are used. I have as much information about them, as the tech that pulled them. It's much cheaper to buy a used motor than to rebuild an old motor. I can give you first hand exp on this, I broke down 3 blocks. All of them seemed decent, and rebuildable. Not 1 of the 3 were good. Everyone I've sold bottom ends to are from another forum. They source their own pistons, S50's, M52's, etc
Originally Posted by xixixi View Post
Every cylinder wears differently a modern engine with 200k or even 100k nothing is round. It has worn and is oval, I don't wanna be the guy on the hook. I could sell pistons, I have about 20 in my trash atm. Ethics, not gonna do it. If you have the thing apart, put better pistons in it. It doesn't make sense to take a chance. I like to do everything ONCE the RIGHT WAY.

I see

It seems to me for a guy who has recently done these engine tear downs you are/just have gone through the same stuff. So why are you so hard on this guy?

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