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Originally Posted by TechieTechie View Post
Okay, first off. I am not a bro, or a man, or a guy. I am a girl. A woman. One that likes to drive fast. Isn't that apparent in my signature???

Mini...If this was a 'shoe, or an M3 verte....of course I wouldn't drive it year round. Those are collectibles (or limited season cars). These were meant to be driven. So I will drive it year round, get a clear bra, wash it religiously, and wait 10 years before the rust settles in. Then when it does, I will either get it fixed or move onto another car.

Jersey...Yep, you are right. Low mileage garage queen will likely have rubber that will begin to wear out. I'm ready to pour some money into that in exchange for a chassis, engine and tranny with little wear. To me, that tradeoff is worth it.

Devin...Can you PM me? Interested in pictures on your swap and the stalk that you used. I have the DIYs, but since my mechanic hasn't done this before...I might as well do it myself :-)

Thanks everyone for the well wishes. Had to take it out yesterday for a spin (just because) and it was fabulous!
Ha I like where your head's at. Amen! Have fun and be safe

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