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Does the CEL light work on this car now??

What may be happening is you stated your CEL did not work, someone probably disabled it somehow.

You are using a generic scan tool - Torque to check for codes, likely you have some BMW specific codes that do not show up on your Torque app.

Not sure I would jump in line to go to the dealer, would find a good Indy that has the ability to read BMW specific codes, but I would figure out how to get your CEL to work so you can sort the car out.

Your fuel trims at a negative value is unusual.

Hardly anything makes an engine run rich, usually they run lean.

You might see if you can borrow a MAF sensor to compare readings and see what happens.

If you do not know the history of the car, it will be a big challenge to get things sorted out.

If you have time and the ability, spend $32 for BMW Scanner 1.4.0 from www.xcar360.com, takes over 2 weeks to get, but will read all BMW specific codes. Also INPA is a decent diagnostic tool as well.
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