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Unlikely the dealer ECU reflash will fix your problem(s) with the CEL not coming on.

I believe you could possibly disable the CEL via special software, however, most people go down the simpler/caveman path. Hopefully it is something simple like electrical tape behind the cluster lens??

See the picture in this link of how far people may go and one way of resolving the CEL from coming on -

Hopefully you do not have this type of problem?

Suggest you first inspect what it may take to get down to the cluster to this level for inspection. May not be easy, but this is the most likely thing someone did short of a drill bit or something more destructive?

BMW Scanner will show you all the BMW specific codes that may be lurking in the background that a standard tool will not show. Also this software will show active vs. shadow codes. Active code will trigger the CEL, shadow codes will not show trigger the CEL.

I wish you much luck on your attempt to repair your car and get it inspected.
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