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Originally Posted by Big Rick View Post
Start heating your cast iron skillet for about 10 minutes on high.... Skillet should be bare! Get yourself some Paul Prudhomme's Blacked Redfish Magic... Melt a pat of butter... Spoon some on one side of the steak and apply Blackened Redfish Magic liberally.... Then the opposite side. With your cast iron skillet WAY Hot... Drop in the steak. Time it per your liking... But only flip it ONCE!

This produces HUGE volumes of white smoke... So disable your smoke detectors or take a hot plate outside! I've done it inside before but only when I was out of gas on the grill and desperate!

The flavor of the steak cannot be beat unless you flame grill!
Please don't take any offense to this at all, but this doesn't sound like a good idea. Butter should be added at the end of the steak cooking because it will burn, especially if you spend 10 minutes heating the hell out of that cast iron skillet. That pan should be up to temp in a matter of minutes, not 10.

All of that white smoke you see is smoke from the cream in the butter burning, which will not leave a good taste on anything. Use a high temp oil, coat the outside of the steak, and slap that on the pan. Then drop a tablespoon or two of butter in the pan at the last minute or two that way the steak can finish in there, and you can spoon the melted over the steak.

See here

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