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Originally Posted by 325max View Post
Hi guys. Looking to pick up my first gun. Big 5 has a mossberg 500 Silver w two barrels for 299 for BF. I was trying to look up what the silver was but couldnt find any concrete info on it, just forum threads saying "I think it has cheaper parts." anybody here know about the "silver" model? I like that it has 2 barrels so I can keep the short one on for home defense and the longer one for shooting clays. It's this or an 870 express.
I have no answer to your question on the difference between the silver and standard, other than your initial research seems to be spot on about using cheaper parts from Mexico. Take a look through the two pages above though, and you will see that the guys with experience in shotguns will generally choose the Remington 870 over the Mossberg 500.

Originally Posted by shwagon View Post
Id go with the 870. I have an express tactical that I picked up for just under $400. Only problem is the finish seem pretty thin. If you are looking at cheaper shotguns check what shells can and can not be used with it I would only buy one that can shoot slugs bc you know that the barrel is decent.
After the advice from this thread, I picked up a Remington 870 Express Tactical and threw on the Blackhawk Spec Ops II pistol grip and stock. I had a Magpul MS3 sling that wasn't being used and put that on too.
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