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Originally Posted by peytonracer4 View Post
Should I try to contact her to get closure? She changed her number and was very persistent in ignoring me since the day she decided to end things so I don't want to be annoying or creepy. I don't know. I wish this wasn't so difficult.
Should just wait and do your thing. Let her make the move. I waited less than a yr and my ex had sent me a friend request through facebook. But i declined it. Thinking back i should have accepted and started slowly so i could find out what had happened. She did call me from a private number way before that happened and she kept saying "ummm ummm" when i said hello but knew it was her but she hung up on me. So fast forward 4yrs hoping she has grown up (she 26 now) i had sent her a request (shes got almost the limit on her page so i dont even know if she knows its me, so many damn people ad her) Im only doing this for me so i can finally talk to her about what happened but i knew she did it for the best since she moved to LA and im in Canada. Things were getting expensive (for me!)

Sorry to thread jack but i know how it feels. You just have to let things be for now. So both of you can clear up your own heads.

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