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Thank you, cityjohn!

Last night was sort of a bust. There was a new person managing the show who didn't know and love me...and I lost some 'bringers' so only got 2 just did my 'how to shave your legs with burning gasoline' story. Also, I opened the show, so no one was drunk enough to appreciate me so much!

Anyway, I did what was called 'blowing the light.' There's a red flashing light indicating my time is up one minute before my time is up, and I saw it, went on, but then was chastised afterwards for doing 3:15 instead of 2:00.

But, I did get an invite to get time at a local pub that has a comedy night...and also another in South all in all it was a good night for me, if not for those who listened to my 3 mins!

I really need to shorten up lots of my stories...some of these places are so tight about time, I need to be able to close at the end of a joke...not in the middle of one.
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