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Originally Posted by steve.k View Post
Golf R > Gti. Have you considered a Scirocco? They are awesome.
Also don't get an 86, you will be dissapointed with its lack of power. What about a 2012 WRX? Or 370Z?
I'm probably going to get flamed for saying this but I am impressed with the Veloster Turbo too lol.
Yeah I looked at the scirocco however the power it has and just FWD kind of kills it for me and the golf is cheaper and can handle mods better due to its AWD system. The WRXs are good but I see the VW to be more reliable and hold its value more, although I could be wrong. Wouldn't do a 370z cause of the 2 seats
My budget is roughly 40-45k so need to find something within that

Haha my fiancÚ is actually getting a veloster turbo so ill have the joy of that to :p
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