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Help: power steering pressure hose keeps coming loose

Hi all,

I'm having a lot of problems with my power steering system on my 03 330i. The original pump went bad a month or so ago so I swapped it for another LF20 from oembimmerparts, along with a new reservoir and fluid cooling hose. A couple weeks later I started having no P/S on start, had to shut off and start again to get it back - the fluid was leaking out of the pump overnight.

Brought it to an Indy shop last Friday because I had no time to look at it - their diagnosis is I forgot to replace the Oring on the pressure line. They replace it and charge me a lot of money to do so. Fine, at least it works - NOT!

Still had no start a couple times since then and yesterday went on a "spirited" drive with lots of high RPM and eventually noticed that I'd lost ALL of my ATF/PS fluid. Took it into a friends shop and the line was pretty loose and the Oring all chewed up - we replaced it and replenished the fluid but I'm waiting for it to come loose again.

Problem is, the pressure line doesn't screw all the way down - it fits but it's tight before the nut hits the pump. I don't think this is how it was on the old pump. Did they change the design? I know some come with LF30 but both my old and new pumps are LF20, just the pressure hose doesn't screw down all the way into the new one. Maybe that's fine, but I'm suspicious that that's why I'm having problems with it.

Thanks in advance for any insight.
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