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Looking to make space. $100 bucks anyone?

Originally Posted by titanium330ci View Post
PRICE DROP!!! - $300

Up for sale is an authentic Hamann GTR rear bumper-10046147 with diffuser-10046148 (all fiberglass). I picked it up from Bavauto last May and just went to install it today...... I thought I had my numbers right for a 2001 330ci, but that sucker did not fit. I should have taken a picture of the bad fitment, but I can say this side slides onto the brackets and the other side was at least 1-2 inches passed my fender. Seems like an M3 fitment to me, but with a single exhaust diffuser.

In any event I don't want to mess around with this and would rather get something else. It's unpainted, has the instructions (i translated what I could in ink), Hamman emblem (unused), but no hardware other than the two black screws for the fenders. I was overly anxious today and I cut all the stock clips from the reinforcement bar to get the stock bumper off. So I used the 8mm nuts and bolts (for diffuser) to secure the stock back to the bar.

One more thing, the bumper has a stress crack on the right corner that slides underneath the tailight. It absolutely arrived this way. I didn't care much since it wasn't all the way through and I was going to have it fixed. I did notice today that any slight attempt to make the bumper fit started to flex where the crack is. Perhaps the bumper was tested once before I received it . The massive bumper box was tossed. I just have the box for the diffuser. Not looking to ship this beast and want to setup a pickup deal (NJ - South Bruns).

Sorry for the long story, just wanted to give the details of this morning. In summary I paid over $1,000 plus shipping for this bumper. I figure if this is a defect of some sort then I will save the next guy a lot of trouble of trying to get this to fit. Pics uploaded. Thanks for checking this out...hoping to move this out soon.
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