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Bilstein sucks

So how do you guys suggest we cure this (1-2 inch lift) problem ??? last night i took the struts apart again to inspect the strut mounts and the seat where the coil sits and i noticed it was off- so i corrected the problem, re-tightened the mounts and the horrible lift still existed. I did notice one of the springs lower coil to be somewhat bent or not seating correctly without me spending alot of time to adjust it on the seat of the strut. I'm not so sure what's going on with the Bilstein struts having this horrific lift, but i want out. Really, i hate it. I don't even feel like it's a Bimmer anymore, at least, not with that crappy handling. It has since them affected the 'stable' feel it used to have. I have lowering springs arriving on the 29th so i hope they were just bad coils or it lowers it back to my liking. If anyone else on this forum has had experience on this dilemma, please chime in, thanks.
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