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Okay so I looked more into this and now I understand why. You guys might've pointed it out already, so I apologize- it seems that the stock Sachs struts have less travel and do not allow the shaft to extend any further, like the Bilsteins, so that's what's causing the huge lift. It's actually the springs causing this "lift", and that's because the new Bilstein struts offer more travel, thus allowing the stock spring that was designed to work with the Sachs "shorter travel" strut expand more and raise the car. The only solution I see is installing shorter springs to make up for the huge gap. You might say it'll ruin the struts in the long run but, I really don't want that wheel gap. Interestingly, I'm positive you'll have better handling with the lower springs than the set up you would have with Bilsteins and stock springs. It's just such a horrible combination. Our cars weren't designed to work that way, with a huge ass lift, they're supposed to have a low center of gravity, not have a monster truck lift. It's what makes a Bimmer a Bimmer..low, with awesome handling. Once I get the springs here I'll let you guys know how it went, and I'll take pics.
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