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well even though I haven't gotten no help or advice from any of ya'll. Im gonna update this with my own findings. On my own research I found that some other member had a short somewhere which kept blowing his o2 fuse in the ebox. Which was happening to me also. I decided to bring down my ebay headers to remove the o2 sensors...and the primary ones were replaced with new ones. Unfortunately to my finding the one causing the short was the secondary after cat. Or so I think. It had a small cut on one wire. tested with multimeter and it seems to still be within specs? So this time I said **** it and didn't install any of the secondary o2 sensors so it wouldn't trip a code (no cats anyways). Will do a AA reflash soon to remedy this.

But my concern is I erased the codes and for some reason they come back at 2nd start after erased. The funny thing is the fuse is intact. WTF?? this situation is driving me insane. And I cant go forward with any more mods till I figure WTF is going on. Anyone else have some other ideas cuz im stumped -_-


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