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Pictures and write-up courtesy of Durkalton:

Awesome day today!! We had about as many cars as there were on the sign-up sheet if you took out the (Maybe)'s . The guy with the Noble didn't show! Boo!! Was really looking forward to ogling that car. Oh well.

From this forum we had Mike ("CA SLK55"), Guy ("gizx1020") and Jason ("LynxFX", in the Audi TT-RS) and myself. I think the Maserati is owned by "B R" who is also a forum member here.

At the initial meet-up point (Denny's in Santa Monica). A little of everything; Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Maserati, BMW, Mini Cooper, S2000, Corvette.

The drive itself got off to a rocky start. We were all looking for 10-W but there is no such thing when you are that close to the coast, so we passed over the interstate, and then pandemonium with cars scattering in every direction. Everyone individually and in small groups started making their way to Topanga Canyon and when we got there, some folks were already waiting. After hanging out at the base of Topanga for a while to allow more people to catch up, we were off!:

Break at the supermarket near Mulholland Highway. The organizer Amir ("Juggarnaut") raffled off a track day at Willow ($175 value) courtesy of Extreme Speed Track Events ( and Mike won it!!!!!

After the break we took part of Mulholland to Stunt Road, then Saddleback and finally down Tuna Canyon. I don't think anyone in the group left at that point, besides Jason and me was familiar with the road. It is always awesome to take new people down this. Very enthusiastic responses all around . At the bottom of Tuna:

So after that run led by Jason, several of us were up for another jaunt down Tuna, which means finding another way up, since Tuna Canyon itself is one-way.

I took the matte M5 and the Mini Cooper back up along Malibu Canyon, Piuma, Schueren, Saddle Back and down again to Tuna Canyon. The second run was just as fun as the first. The Cooper was keeping up with me, but the tires were squealing something fierce. I was afraid he was gonna lose it, but he never did.

Some pics at the Saddleback from the second run

All in all a great day. I had a lot of fun and got my money's worth considering that it was a 2 hour drive each way to get to this. Very fun. Tuna Canyon and the other roads around Malibu are still some of my favorites in Southern California. Let's do it again soon, guys!!!
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