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Originally Posted by oxfordgreenM3 View Post
how would i go about updating my 2002 m3 it has the navi but only 6 cd changer in the trunk and the navi cd in the trunk what update do i need to click and and whould i do it because i only have a cassette player behind my navi?? please help guys
You insert the disc in the dvd drive in the trunk, but there's certain steps you have to follow that I posted below. I doesn't matter if you have a cassette deck in the dash, it gets read and updated from the trunk. The nav update is on a disc -you can download the torrent for it, which a friend got for me or you can buy it from the dealer. If you burn the disc yourself you can put any .jpg file in for start up. A picture of your car or the M logo or whatever you prefer. The one from the dealer has a carbon fiber looking background with the M logo and nurburgring icon. The disc is only for updating, after you do the update you remove the update disc and put your old one back in. The downloaded disc worked for me, then I tried using mine for a friend and his bricked. Another friend bought the disc from the dealer and we followed the same steps and luckily the navi was corrected, so be warned that if you download the torrent and it works for you, consider yourself lucky and you're not a dick if you don't want to pass it on to your friend lol.

Originally Posted by roadtrip1098 View Post
You'll have to search some other forums for stuff like that, but you should be able to install it through the NAV drive in the trunk. It's as simple as putting the disc in, turning on your car and selecting install when it comes up. Just make sure you download the right version for your system.
Not necessarily, I believe its imperative to follow these steps accordingly.

Go to the car open the drivers door,
Go to the nav computer and press eject on drive,
Eject the map disc,
Switch ign to pos 1, leave door open.
Insert firmware disc into drive, follow instruction on nav screen.
Wait (approx 6 mins) till sat nav asks to eject cd and reboot.
Eject cd,
Confirm reboot.

Do not turn off the car or close the door during the upgrade.

After you do everything to access perspective view you have to go into the regular settings on your screen and hold "menu" button down for a few seconds. It may be about 10 seconds or so. After that you get access to another menu. In that "secret" menu you can change settings like perspective and toggle the speed camera sensor on and off. There's other random things in there, but that's the stuff that's relative to the nav update.

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