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Originally Posted by 05graysport View Post
To each his own.

1) Ratio is messed up

2) Trace minerals from water

3) Fresh coolant is always better

4) Its cheap.

Not a bad idea in my books
To be clear, I was not saying that he does not need to drain it and refill with new coolant. That is just common sense when doing work on the car.
But telling him he needs to drain the heater core and every drop of coolant because of one bottle of non-distilled water (that leaked right out and was never circulated) is a bit drastic. But I would not think that the ratio is messed up to the point of being noticeable, and the amount of trace minerals introduced is also nearly at the point of being un-measurable.
He should drain the coolant and refill because he is working on the cooling system, and it makes sense to replace coolant that is more than a year old, if you are already working on the system. But worrying about ratios and trace minerals for such a small amount of water being introduced is over the top. It is a car. It is not a surgical environment. Small amounts of contamination are inevitable. If he has new coolant, he could get by without draining any of it, and still be fine. He certainly does not need to worry about flushing the heater core because he basically poured some bottled water through a hole in his expansion tank and never circulated. That is overkill to satisfy your own obsessive compulsive needs, not realistic advice.
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