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Originally Posted by M3Inline6 View Post
IMHO, it's not about the bar being on the chest. To me, the hardest part about benching is controlling the load on the way down and controlling the load on the way up while keeping my form intact. Sure, the guy with the longer arms may have a further distance to push (..and I use the term "may" because longer limbs mean a different grip position than what is used by someone with shorter limbs; it's all a wash in my opinion. Benching is more variable, unlike....say, a squat or deadlift), but what needs to be done to move the way is the same regardless of the height of the individual.

To further clarify, there are multiple rings on a standard issue 45 lb. bar. Where I grip the bar (...just outside of shoulder width, pinky fingers or ring fingers on the closest ring from the smooth centered portion of the bar) is different than where my taller, longer limbed buddy grips (..his grip is much wider and closer to the outer ring). Our travel distance is about the same...

....and he puts up more weight than I do, and my bench numbers are strong.
That is a good point and I do think it varies from person to person but I think in a vacuum the guys with longer arms will usually lift a little less. It's really not much to worry about though. I don't think a few inches in arms will equal more than a few lbs.
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