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Originally Posted by dwass325 View Post
His point is legitimate, if not fully elaborated. A lot of taller guys aren't proportionately large, in that they have comparatively small joints. Small joints are good for aesthetics, bad for big numbers. A number of promising bodybuilding careers have been cut short due to this. Sort of a "quod me nutrit me destruit" thing.

A 6'+ strongman athlete and a 6'+ endurance athlete look very different. Look at Derek Poundstone versus Michael Phelps, for example. There's a 3" difference in height, but the joint issue is still evident.

Now, with that said, does it prevent longer-limbed guys from benching decent numbers? No, certainly not. But to suggest that limb length is solely a cop-out is equally ignorant as suggesting it's the only factor.

It's also easier to take positions that benefit us, and is worth noting that you're below average height and don't have slight joints, so perhaps your view on it is a bit skewed.

To be fair though, the sheer thickness makes the power-lifters limbs appear shorter, but if he didn't have the muscle mass he'd look very different. Add 50+ lbs. of muscle to Phelps' frame and his limbs would look short too.
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