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Originally Posted by choleaoum View Post
Run down to Ace hardware, grab a long grade a bolt, and a few nuts and washers. Find or make a plate that will go over the subframe hole. And get a big washer or plate the size of the bushing and use the bolt and nut to push the bushing in.

The top of the subframe bushing is notched. When you press in a bushing you have to press its metal casing , not its rubber. If I was to merely press the top of the bushing with some sort of flat plate or washer I would be pressing the rubber "up notches" that stick up on either side of the bushing and the bushing's center bolt hole that molded into the rubber both at the same time as they are 2 separate but level pieces. When I press dow as I wrench down the threaded rod, both the bushing "up notches" and the bushing's bolt hole will press about 10-15 MM stretching the bushing beyond its limit in towards the opposite side / into the subframe. I already tried that and ended up really stretching the bushing out of wack. Yes it bounced back that time, but I mangled the rubber a bit and I am afraid to rip it. The notches on the top of the bushing are there for a BMW specific press tool.

Also with doing your method, you have to think that when the bushing is fully pressed in, it actually sticks out the other side about 10mm. So blocking off the side with a flat plate with a threaded rod through it would only get you so far anyways..

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