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Originally Posted by abbas_m3 View Post
Realistically the STI does 0-100 in around 5 flat, maybe a little faster. Just adding a exhaust and tune would pull an extra 40kw of power to the wheels, and the torque would be immense. Never really heard of any problems from these new sti's ?

Should have a look at one. If the Golf-R is what your looking for then go ahead, however I reckon it's to much money for what it is.
With a Golf R you buy something that is super quick, all the creature comforts etc without the STi image and stereotype, even if it is a 2012 model. You could cruise down anywhere in the Golf and not have to worry about cops stopping you for a "RBT" and leaving with a defect cos the w*nker doesn't know a stock exhaust and wheels from his elbow.

It is a little bit of a sleeper and has some cachet and respectability attached to it which the STi (boy racer, young hoon etc) does not. And, if you look as youthful as you say you do in other threads......

As far as cars go, the STi and Golf are both excellent choices and the decision will come down to your own preferences.

There are some good choices listed here and you'll just have to see what you want - just sporty (86 / 135 / 370Z) or sporty and practical (Golf R).

Good luck!

PS - what are the details on your M3?

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