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Originally Posted by Ballistic325 View Post
With a Golf R you buy something that is super quick, all the creature comforts etc without the STi image and stereotype, even if it is a 2012 model. You could cruise down anywhere in the Golf and not have to worry about cops stopping you for a "RBT" and leaving with a defect cos the w*nker doesn't know a stock exhaust and wheels from his elbow.

It is a little bit of a sleeper and has some cachet and respectability attached to it which the STi (boy racer, young hoon etc) does not. And, if you look as youthful as you say you do in other threads......

As far as cars go, the STi and Golf are both excellent choices and the decision will come down to your own preferences.

There are some good choices listed here and you'll just have to see what you want - just sporty (86 / 135 / 370Z) or sporty and practical (Golf R).

Good luck!

PS - what are the details on your M3?

They are both great cars just very different in looks but similar in performance, I'd have to test drive a few cars and see what appeals to me the most though - but a golf r does seem to be the most appealing and is good money for what you get.

The details of my current M3
Carbon Black with black interior
The car is completely stock, SMG and I'm the 3rd owner.
It has 110,000kms on the clock.
No accident history and clean title.
Solid service history and a lot of preventative maintenance has been done - the subframe will be repaired/reinforced and bushings all replaced ($5000 cost) which is a massive plus for any potential buyer and also comes with a little under 5 years left on the warranty which covers every mechanical aspect of the car (everything from the engine all the way down to window motors).

Only bad points I can see with the car is the bumper has stone chips on the lips from the PO and where he lived/drove obviously had lose rocks. And there is a small dent in the passenger side door but I will be getting that repaired. There's a few small scratches but you would expect that with a 10 year old car.

Ill be listing it for $40k Ono
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