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Originally Posted by kappapants View Post
Sorry Dean, I already sent three emails to sales@khoalty.com, two of which had "ATTENTION DEAN" in the subject line without a response.

I wrote one post here and had your attention within a day. Thus, I will continue our correspondence here if you don't mind...

The order number is #17081. Within less than 6 months of the purchase date, the brake lights of the passenger side LED taillight wouldn't light up.

I obviously cannot ship back the taillight as they're installed on the car and I don't have replacements so I am offering to pay shipping costs for the warranty replacements.

I'm not sure how I can go about paying custom charges not listed on the site and even offered to purchase another set at a reduced price but did not receive responses.

Please advise a fair resolution to this issue.
For us to warranty out the lights, as standard with warranty replacements, we will need them back. Looking through our emails on that order number we explained this to you December of 2011, regarding your order placed in May of 2011, and there were a few discussions back and fourth of you finding a way to negotiate that, but we insisted that you'd have to send the tails back to us in order for us to do a warranty exchange. The warranty is for one year, that's from your delivery date, to current date, since you did bring this up in the past we will still honor it, but it's the same situation now as it was then.

If you'd like, you can order a new set, and we will refund that cost, once we get the problematic tails back. We will need the tail lights back in order to either send you a new set, or to refund on a secondary temporary order while waiting for the ones on your car now to arrive back to us. We don't do deposits as we've been burned in the past. By paying for a new set, you are in control of the situation and can file a chargeback if we do not hold up 'our end' of the deal, which would be shipping you the new set of lights.

We can't control custom charges, we are a US based business and work with DEPO USA, we can't really take responsibility for what your government charges you to import tail lights, we have to pay importation fees to get most products here in the states from elsewhere as well.

Let me know how you'd like to procede.
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