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Went back to Mt Pinos with Cynergy the weekend of Nov 17/18.

Much smaller group this time. It was rainy, windy and cold in LA that weekend, so likely some people decided not to go.

On Saturday, that might not have been too bad a call. It was cloudy, then foggy, then misty during the day, getting cooler in the afternoon. At one point it was 38 degrees at the top of the road. Brrrr. We rode through snow on the trail at 8,300 ft in the morning. All in all, though, I think the mountain weather was actually better than LA's weather that day.

Sunday the weather was friggin perfect. Mid 50s, so it was still cool, but the sun was out most of the day, so it didn't feel that cold.

Did 2 downhill runs and 1 uphill road climb on Saturday, and then 3 downhill runs on Sunday. Had a great time, only fell twice, nothing dramatic either time.

It was interesting to me that the moisture (mostly mist and light rain) actually made the trail a little tackier and less sandy. So it was more grippy than it had been in June, when it was so sandy in spots that it was harder to ride.

Rode a BMC TrailFox TF02 for both days this time. When I posted in June, I thought it was all aluminum. Turns out it's a CF frame with aluminum stays. Really enjoyed the bike, it felt very capable and predictable from my rookie perspective.

Both days, some of the more expert riders in the group went to Mt Abel, which apparently has some bomber trail. I like to keep my neck intact, so I stayed at Pinos both days.

This past weekend, I rode at Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City, NV. Was with my dad, so we rode up a fire road and down a trail called Girl Scout. The trail is rated a 3 and the road didn't look that steep. But it was a hard damn ride. The buzz is that Bootleg Canyon is one of the best mtb spots anywhere. I doubt very much I'll be tackling any of the harder trails there, so I'll just have to take everyone else's word for it.

For the Pinos trip, I bought Novara leg warmers from REI. They're super comfy, but they won't stay up unless I stay in the saddle (keeps the knees bent, I guess). Every damn time I got up out of the saddle, they'd start to fall down. I tried the tops of the warmers inside and outside of the liner of the shorts, it made no difference.

I'm going to take them back to REI, but wonder if anyone else has used leg warmers that are great about staying up?
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