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Originally Posted by M3_DU View Post
Tuned or unmolested? Are you getting that information from forums about guys having problems with them? So long as it is well maintained and has always had regular servicing and not driven but an uncaring owner, it should be fine.

I've always had the feeling that when people complain about a car being unreliable, there is always more to the story that they don't seem to share. Find a low kilometre example and the original owner and just pressure him with questions, his driving habit, etc etc.
Yeah various forums mainly the HPFP problems along with quite a few having to replace the turbos due to them failing or having play in them and there was a few other concerns. Ill be honest I do enjoy driving my car pretty hard, no stupidly, just pushing it more then cruising along each day and if I can do that with out worrying due to having factory warranty it's a big plus for me.

Plus the one downfall is if I was to get a 135 it would be the 08-09 twin turbo not the 10+ single turbo because their not as much fun haha and all the factory warranties on those are long gone
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