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I know this thread is old and I still have a lot to learn but I'm looking into a legit tune for my 4dr '00 323i 5 sp. I was lookin at a different company that nobody mentioned in this thread for a tune. I'm really curious about this tune claiming more horsepower then 15

but after reading this thread and now that I'm aware of some other companies out there.
Now that I read; I should wait to do a tune & basic bolt on's (intake, headers, exhaust. Could somebody referred me any good performance brands? Exhaust; what company is out there that doesnt sound like a honda, that's just me), evosport under drive pulley kit (not sure if this recommended), all at once.

Could I also put on a different intake manifold for more power? If so, which one??

What would happen if I go with a tune on a stock motor first and then later down the road I decide to put in bolt on's?

Sorry to bring up old commen & noob questions here but I just don't want to create an thread and get yell at.

Thank you

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