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Originally Posted by BMW_Matt View Post
Not really. To a certain extend, but not a "huge role"...blaming poor bench numbers is a way to make an excuse and blame it on something else.
Written poorly I agree... I just wanted to point out the fact height does factor into pushing lifts, not using it as an excuse.

Originally Posted by M3Inline6 View Post
Your height isn't your problem. It's your workouts (..and quite possibly your form)!
You have to remember, I've had 2 years of proper training where I've gone from a pitiful bench of 95 lbs to 160 lbs, not amazing progress but there's still progress there to discuss. Long road ahead but that's why I get your guys input on workouts so I can do whats best for me. Didn't want that to come across as an excuse, but when I re-read it it does.

Originally Posted by B_Cyrus View Post
don't question him, he's an expert in everything.
you mad bro? seriously. I do my best to help others with the knowledge I have gained by researching health & fitness topics. You just seem to troll, what a great contribution... If you disagree with things I say, why don't you create an intelligent debate like everyone else?
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