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Originally Posted by TrippinBimmer View Post
I have notice this as well but there is one down fall using ceramic coating on a turbo applications. Most Common Ceramic Coating can handle up to 1300F until it start to burn off, and start loosing performance. There is also different type of Ceramics can be used as well that will handle up to 2500F

Doc Race - Could you tell us who do yall coating? What the Specs?

We coated this turbo manifold. Over the years we tried several coatings from several companies and all of them except for this one have deteriorated. We finally found a coating that withstands all of the abuse our customers put them through and it's been on all of our HPF turbo kits for the past 4 years. Underhood temps are extremely cool with the HPF turbo kits and this is one of the reasons why. Go to a track day and check out the underhood temps after an HPF M3 does a 30 minute session. Quite amazing.

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