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Originally Posted by B_Cyrus View Post
it depends on a lot more things, but it is easy to put truth to the stereotype that the guys with the shorter arms seem to be able to do the most bench.
Of course they can.. it's simple physics. Which is why it's funny when you have a 5'5 guy taunting a dude who is 6'5 and has a two foot larger wingspan.

If you're tiny, you have to push the weight a much shorter distance. A much taller guy pushing an equivalent amount of weight is doing significantly more work. It's no different than the old notion that "the outside of a record is spinning faster than the inner portions". And not only is the distance an issue, but you also have the angle at which the bar hits your chest... dependent upon how "thick" your body is and the length of your arms, that angle will be much different. If you're a thinner guy with longer arms (like myself) your angle will be much steeper... if you're a thicker guy with short arms, you have much less work to do throughout the lift and your angle will be advantageous.

Regardless, I wouldn't trade a single one of my 75 inches for additional weight on a bench press.

Lastly, I've noticed people talking entirely different numbers in here. Some are mentioning their workout weights (10, 8, 6) which is what I did... others are talking max. Anybody making fun of anyone else's numbers is just a dbag.. if people are trying to continually improve, that should be celebrated (regardless of the mark). Would you mock a fat guy for "not losing weight fast enough?". Of course not.

EDIT: FWIW, can anyone in here say they would actually take the strongman look over Phelps or other "cut" athletes? I know I'd take a WR or DB body type over a LB or offensive lineman any day of the week.

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