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Originally Posted by Doulos View Post
Seems like you'd get a better return on time/investment working on custom suspension parts for the rear end and getting it more dialed. 10.5 cars go a hell of a lot faster then any e46's and do on less tire then some of the e46's run with way more power.

Just 4 link the rear end and tub the **** out of it if you're serious about going fast, it will be a lot less costly then converting to AWD.

well, the problem is E46 M3 can accomodate up to 26" tall tires.

the 10,5 cars have 30" tall tires, which allows them to "hook".

moreover, the 10,5 cars race on prepared VTH'ed tracks.

Most of us run on street and have no VHT on street....

Originally Posted by Hrvat View Post
E46 XI transfer case will not be able to hold power that Turbo S54 puts out. It's barely is strong enough for SC-ed M54, which is making half the power of turbo S54
thats 100 % correct.

Originally Posted by MisterM View Post
With enough fluid (money) and proper cooling it is very possible. It is heat that kills these units not HP.

However, I doubt Mert would pursue the 330XI version as there are other high-HP TCase options that are an adapter flange or two away from bolting in to this 1-off custom build.
There are different options, the issue is fitment.

The transfer cases that will hold power are BIG and not easy to fit under the M3 as the M3 was not designed to accomodate a tc.

Well, I am not going the 4WD route, just to share what I learnt so far.
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